26th New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention 2005


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Any profits made from the convention will go to charity or non-profit organisations.

Our chosen charity is Diabetes New Zealand.

We also support SFFANZ, a non-profit organisation.

About Diabetes New Zealand

Diabetes New Zealand (Inc.) is a nation-wide non-government non-profit organisation. It is governed by an elected Council and Executive. Its aims are:

To provide support for its members, member societies and health professionals involved with diabetes

To increase the general public's awareness of diabetes so the incidence of undiagnosed diabetes is reduced

To support all people with diabetes in their day to day management and control

To support research in the treatment, prevention and cure of diabetes



SFFANZ is a national body separate from, but involved with, existing science fiction and fantasy clubs. As such, it hopes to be a major part of the structure of New Zealand fandom, enhancing liaisons between existing fan groups, providing support for events which transcend normal club structures (such as the annual national conventions), and providing a national voice for fandom.

SFFANZ also organises and conducts the national science fiction and fantasy awards, The Sir Julius Vogel awards, and is responsible for the voting on bids to host future national conventions.

SFFANZ contributes to the promotion of science fiction, fantasy and fandom in New Zealand by encouraging communication between fan groups, encouraging the creation of new fan groups, being a media contact, and increasing public awareness of local fan groups and activities.

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For general enquiries you can email us, but remember the convention is over.