26th New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention 2005


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Events Programme

The events that are planned for ICON include, but are not limited to:

Event Description
My First Convention  
Modellanary Pictionary with plastercine
In the Buff A panel on, of course, Buffy
Alien Easter Egg Hunt Find the egg with the voracious queen alien embryo in it and win a prize...
Children’s Easter Egg Hunt Focussed on children, but good for anyone who needs a chocolate fix on Sunday morning.
Scavenger hunt Have a great time hunting down cool stuff, and maybe win a prize.
Car Wars

Loads of fun for the maniacs, I mean competitors, among us.

Auction A great chance to buy items for your collection; if you have anything to donate, or something substantial you’d like auctioned on your behalf, contact enquiries@icon.sf.org.nz.
Masquerade What more can we say?
Board gaming There will be a winner in this one, folks!
"1000 Ideas" Orson Scott Card’s session on how to come up with story ideas.
Story structure Orson Scott Card’s session taking you from idea to story outline.
Cocktail Function  
Music in Science Fiction  
The Quiz  

Floating Market

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards

Spoof/Fan Made Movies
Babylon 5  
Movie Nights  
Guest Signings  
Late Night Filking  

Call for events

Do you have an idea for something that other fans would like to know more about? Do you enjoy talking to groups of people, or maybe need experience doing it for work?

If any of these applies to you, consider volunteering to run an event at the next convention.

Please contact the Webmistress if you have any problems with the website.
For general enquiries you can email us, but remember the convention is over.